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I’ve worked in education and volunteered in Loudoun County Schools for more than a decade, so I understand how important the public education system is for Algonkian District and the entire County. Unfortunately, the current Board has not adequately funded our public school system to address the needs of our children. As supervisor, I will work to see through a fully-funded school budget that provides every child with the education they need, as well as access to extracurricular activities, no matter their family’s financial situation. I will support our educators, which means closing the pay gap and paying our teachers a living wage so they can reside in the county where they work. Addressing school infrastructure and overcrowding concerns, literacy disparities, mental health issues and diversity inequities should also be top priorities.


Infrastructure and Green Spaces:

Infrastructure is an important aspect of land use decisions and has a direct impact on quality of life here in Loudoun. Unless we intelligently plan for supportive infrastructure, our shopping centers will lack customers, our schools will lack safe access points for students, and workers will face difficulty reaching their workplaces.  I believe it is necessary to offer multi-modal transportation options to mitigate traffic and provide congestion relief for our residents. As Supervisor, I want to work with communities to address all types of infrastructure concerns, from traffic safety to street lighting. We also need more connectivity between parks, walking trails, and bike paths that make Algonkian District a wonderful place to live.  I support Chair Randall’s Emerald Ribbons Initiative recently adopted by the Board of Supervisors. This plan calls for a countywide interconnected system of parks, paths and waterways. This network would link east to west and north to south all while highlighting Loudoun’s natural beauty to visitors and providing safe access to work, school, and recreation for residents.

Women’s Issues:

In Algonkian District, 70% of working-age women are part of the labor force.  They deserve a Supervisor that believes in equal pay for equal work, equal access to healthcare, and viable options for transportation and childcare.  As a single mom, I’ve struggled with all of these issues, and I meet women regularly who face disparities in pay and compensation that challenge their household bottom line. In this day and age, establishing the County’s Commission on Women and Girls and supporting the Equal Rights Amendment in our legislative agenda to Richmond should have an easy and unanimous vote for the Board. We have 122 certified women-owned businesses in Loudoun and a quarter of our small businesses are women owned. These women leaders deserve the support of a supervisor who will fight for their rights every day.  As Supervisor, I will support a paid family and medical leave policy for all county staff that has proven effective in the private sector. I will support efforts to make sure Algonkian women are heard, have pay equity, as well as address the lack of racial diversity so that everyone has a seat at the table. These are policy issues that everyone should support regardless of gender because it’s just the right thing to do.


Small Businesses:

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. Our local businesses become our favorite places to recreate, eat, and work. As they grow, so do employment opportunities and our commercial tax base.  With support these businesses can become our mid-size and larger organizations and help to diversify our economy. As supervisor, I will support small businesses and help them thrive.


First Responders:

We are protected by the Loudoun County Combined Fire and Rescue System which is staffed by both volunteer and career firefighters. I’m thankful for their service every day and I believe they deserve to be heard on issues that affect their lives and families. As Supervisor, I will fight for the county’s first responders by addressing their concerns about staffing standards, health care coverage disparities, cancer prevention, and mental health issues that need funding. Implementing the proposed consolidated emergency communication system should be a top priority to shorten response times. I also remain committed to fully implementing a compensation and classification study so that our first responders can live in the communities they serve.  

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